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Monday, 23 April 2012

second Year Notes: Intermediate English Solved Exercise Qusetions

Second Year Intermediate Questions Answers


Second Year Notes
Q.1: How has the scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?
Ans: If you had been born two hundred years ago, about seven out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday. Today babies are born in the hospitals where there is less likelihood of their getting a disease. Young people are treated to protect them against smallpox, diphtheria, and typhoid fever. Today a person can expect to live to be almost seventy years old. In other words, more than thirty years have been added to the expected length of man's life. These changes have been made possible by use of the scientific method to solve such problems as the cause of disease and its prevention.

Q.2: Write a note on the better sanitary conditions available in our cities today and compare them with what they were like a hundred years ago.
Ans: Into the narrow, unpaved and badly drained streets, household garbage and other refuse was thrown. Animals wandered through the streets, feeding upon the garbage. Outdoor toilets were common, many of them situated where human wastes drained into wells from which people obtained drinking water.
Today our city streets are paved and well drained, and they are cleaned regularly. It is against the law to throw garbage in the streets. Sewage from all sections of a city is carried through sealed pipes to disposal plants. Through the use of the scientific method it has been demonstrated that unsanitary conditions cause the spread of disease like typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. Today most city governments have departments of sanitation which keep the cities clean and thereby prevent the spread of certain disease.

Q.3: What are the sanitary conditions like in our villages today and how would you improve them?
Ans: The sanitary conditions in our villages are better than before. Still they must be improved. Proper sewage system, supply of sufficient water to the villages and awareness given to the people can improve the sanitary conditions of villages.

Q.4: How has the scientific method helped us in the production and preservation of foods?
Ans: Since fresh vegetables could be obtained only during the growing season, people living in cold climates had none during the winter months. Thrifty housewives preserved their home grown vegetables and fruits by canning, pickling, or drying them for use during the cold weather. Meats were preserved by salting and dring or by freezing when the weather was cold enough. Seafoods were generally available only along the coast, fish and shell-fish could be eaten soon after they were caught.
Regardless of where people live today, they can obtain some fresh fruits, meats and vegetables throughout the year. By the quick-freeze method, vegetables, fruits, seafoods, and meats of various kinds can be preserved so that they are both nutritious and enjoyable. Modern methods of selecting, grading, and processing foods have removed the risk or danger of poisoning from canned food, dehydration, or the removal of water from such foods as milk, eggs, potatoes, and apples, have probed practical method of preservation.

Q.5: We are now generally less fearful than our ancestors. What were our ancestors afraid of?
Ans: Many happenings of life puzzled our ancestors. They could neither understand nor remedy them. So they became fearful. Science has explained that all that happens has some reasons behind it. This reasoning has lessened our fears.

Q.6: How has the scientific method enabled us to get over the old fears?
Ans: Superstitious beliefs are being overcome by the use of scientific method to demonstrate that there is no sound basis for them. Few people today believe that diseases are caused by evil spirits. Though astrology and fortune telling is being practised, they did not influence the lives of as many people as they once did. It has been learnt that there is a always a good natural reason for everything that happens to the people. As a result, most people no longer fear black cats, broken mirrors, and the number 13.
By the scientific method, ideas are not necessarily true because they have been believed true for a long time. Ideas must now be supported by facts in order to be accepted to the scientist or to people who use the scientific method.

Q.7: What part did astrology play in the lives of men and women in the past? Give examples.
Ans: If a person believes that wearing some kind of charm will prevent him from having bad luck, he will wear the charm and will feel uncomfortable without it. Feelings which involve fears such as this are called superstitions. Superstitious people believe in the sign of good or bad luck, and their lives are greatly influenced by  such signs.

Q.8: Describe some of the superstitions still current in our country. How do they affect the lives of those who believe in them?
Ans: Some people believe in palmistry and astrology. Businessmen believe that the first customer would determine the state of their business of the whole day. People prefer to begin important tasks on special days. Some people have specified certain days for travelling in certain directions.

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